Doing studio and live sessions with different artists has become one of my main activities as a musician. I can be heard playing guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, lap steel, drums, percussion and singing on studio recordings as well as during live performances.

I was honored to work for/with artists such as:

Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Reto Burrell, Sirens Of Lesbos, The Lugubrious, Tanya Barany, Gloria BlauCarpet Town, Coco Kill, TUWAN, The Two Romans, INDIVIDUAL, Akina McKenzie, Immanuel Brockhaus, Reel Beetz, Monumental Men, Jay Jules, Coco Elane, Mantra, Frost & Fog, Jessanna, etc.



I had the pleasure to write for and work with different artists and musical ensembles:

Allen Hinds, Gus MacGregor, Tanya Barany, Sirens Of LesbosSüdwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Klaus Wagenleiter, Götz Alsmann, SWR Big Band, Big Band Connection, LE Big Band, Pop-Chor Konstanz, Musique des Jeunes de Bienne, Monumental Men, Frost & Fog, Another Me, Jessanna, etc. 

Furthermore I had the honor to write scores for the films and series: 

"Du Bist Raus" (2014) by David Oesch

"LIMBO" (2017) by Giorgi Sakhelashvili

"A Guide To The Apocalypse" (2018) by Adrian Graf

"Third Space" (2019) by Jil Antener 

"FOMO" (2019) by Noah Van Dok


Feel free to get in touch, if you need an arrangement  for a piece of music or if you'd like a composition specifically written for your purposes. No matter what musical genre or instrumentation.




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My book "Giugiu & Roro" is a story about tolerance and friendship. It's being used at primary schools all across Switzerland.





07.8.2021 | Frost & Fog | Openair Deisswil BE

13.8.2021 | TaDa | CinéHappening Lyss BE

09.9.2021 | DUS + Kinderchor KonsiBern | KonsiBern BE

11.9.2021 | Polly Wants A Party | Kulturzentrum Unterems VS

12.9.2021 | DUS | Kino Visp VS

17.9.2021 | Reto Burrell | Kater ZH

25.9.2021 | DUS | Kinderwält Fescht | Visperterminen VS

26.9.2021 | DUS | Gampel VS

9.10.2021 | DUS | House Of Switzerland Stuttgart DE

15.10.2021 | Reto Burrell | tba

16.10.2021 | Reto Burrell | Meggen LU

30.10.2021 | Reto Burrell | Einsiedeln SZ

6.11.2021 | DUS | Abraxas Kinderliteraturfestival Zug ZG

7.11.2021 | DUS | Abraxas Kinderliteraturfestival Zug ZG

14.11.2021 | DUS | Stauffacher Bern BE

16.11.2021 | DUS | Café Marta Bern BE

21.11.2021 | DUS | Bibliothek Münchenbuchsee BE

24.11.2021 | Reto Burrell | Gossau SG

26.11.2021 | Reto Burrell | Baronessa Lenzburg AG

08.12.2021 | Reto Burrell | Werk1 Gossau SG

14.01.2022 | Reto Burrell | Alti Moschti Mühlethurnen BE







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